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Dane Tek Custom Works LLC

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palleweinreich@gmail.com or call 787-630-7992
Workshop located at: 8708 Commerce Street
Cape Canaverl, FL 32920
Also home of FOS Switches and Panels: at http://fostechnologies.com
Electrical Switch with a built in fuse for Marine & RV applications




Dane Tek Boat Bars
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I am originally from Denmark where I was educated as a shipwright. Recently I relocated to Cocoa Beach, FL from Puerto Rico where I was an independent contractor with my own workshop for over twenty years. Before I left, my main tasks were remodeling, rewiring, fabrication of special projects and problem solving on yachts. I also did maintenance and repair on electrical systems, diesel engines, pump systems etc.
In earlier years in Puerto Rico, I did fine wood work and many other interesting tasks in commercial resorts and for private clients.

A little more history:
During a ten year period spent in Greenland, Mr. Weinreich had served time as chief engineer on an ice breaking salvage boat. He also worked for the Royal Danish Trade Department in Greenland at Sonderstrom Air Base where he was in charge of servicing the heating and water treatment plant, and later as foreman for the local electric power plant providing electricity in an environment where a simple mechanical or electrical problem could cost you your life.

In addition, Mr. Weinreich has refitted many commercial and private vessels throughout his career.  

In any task performed, he is known for his uncompromising insistence on quality, performance, and serviceability. 




Teak Chest Hans Cristian Sailboat

Deck Beams installed in a 44' Benetaeu. For a Master's Quarters

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Teak Work for Whitecap, 43’ Bertram

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Instrument panel replacement

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