Weinreich Nautical Bar


Fine wood Teck deck, trimmed with Sepele Mahogany

Many fine wood decks to choose from or select high quality imitation wood deck to withstand sun and weather. Other options include resin decks for art work. Different hull colors possible. 


Five Drawers on Serving Side

All five drawers come with ballbearing  heavy duty slides. Shown is the Insulated Ice Box drawer, 27" lenght, 16" width, 15" deep with 400 lb ball bearing slide.


Mast, Boom and Sail

Mast lenght options are a tall mast with a sail. Total height from ground is 9' 1 1/2". Also, a short mast can accomodate a banner, Total height from ground is 7' 10.

Glass rack holds 12 wine glasses and 12 shot glasses

Glass Rack on the Boom holds two types of glasses.

Glass holder can hold twelve wine glasses and twelve shot glasses. 

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